About Allamoda Furniture


AllaModa Furniture is an up & coming furniture store that sells the latest modern and contemporary styles. Having roots for over 50 years in the furniture business, AllaModa has moved to the United States to share their manufacturers from Italy, Asia, Spain, and America, offering a wide range of styles guaranteed to fit a plethora of tastes.  As a family-owned business, we seek to build relations with our customers & ensure satisfaction in hopes of gaining lifelong customers. At AllaModa we do things differently; satisfaction isn’t just a goal, it’s our motto. Seeing our customers fulfilled is our fuel, and returning customers are our destination. We are here to offer a wide range of designers including AllaModa designers, and our passion for stylish, comfortable & good-quality furniture.


Quality, honesty, and customer satisfaction are the three most important aspects of our store, and in any employee and business transaction we seek. When receiving any product, our first goal is to make it more affordable than any other seller in the market. Although we try to make every product as affordable as possible, it is necessary that all of our products have excellent quality, along with style. At AllaModa Furniture, we take pride in having unique, beautiful pieces that we hand pick ourselves. We are constantly searching for the latest & greatest pieces to spice up your home décor and expand our catalog. Our customer service representatives, salespeople, and online inventory staff are well educated on the functions and features of the pieces we carry in order to answer any questions & requests you may have about our furniture. We encourage anyone to call our direct line at (818) 325-3922 for any questions concerning or regarding all our inventory. With many choices in store and online, we look forward to providing you with the furniture and service of your dreams.