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Introducing: The Illusion Furniture Set

If you’re looking for a furniture set that embraces chic elements of modern design in a way that is both subtle and striking, the Illusion set is an excellent choice. This gorgeous set features a variety of pieces including:

  • Rectangular coffee table
  • Square coffee table
  • Round coffee table
  • Buffet cabinet
  • Round dining table
  • Curio
  • End table

Each piece in this collection maintains its own identity while complimenting its lovely counterparts.

Having matching pieces of furniture in your home adds to the “completed” feeling of your design aesthetic. There’s nothing as off-putting as walking in a room full of beautiful furniture that does not work together. The pieces are liable to distract and detract from each other’s beauty.

“The Illusion Set is perfectly complementary and is a fantastic choice for anyone who wants a polished, finished look to their decor.”

Rectangular Coffee Table

This lovely rectangular coffee takes inspiration from mid-century design practices and puts a modern twist on things. With staggered polished stainless-steel columns and a striking black glass base, this piece is sure to capture the intrigue and adoration of guests, family, and business acquaintances.

Illusion rectangular mirrored coffee table

Square Coffee Table

If you’re interested in purchasing a square coffee table that is both fashionable and functional, you’re going to love the square coffee table in the Illusion Set. This table perfectly compliments the companion pieces in this collection and makes a striking addition to any home or office.

Illusion mirrored square coffee table

Round Coffee Table

The Illusion Round Coffee table provides the perfect contrast to this set in terms of form. The balance of hard-lines displayed by the square and rectangular coffee tables allows the round coffee table to really stand out. This helps the Illusion Set maintain its impeccable balance of forms and purposes. The black glass on the base of this table adds an element of eye-catching beauty, but does not distract from its staggered stainless steel columns.

Illusion mirrored round coffee table

Buffet Cabinet

The Illusion Buffet is an absolutely striking piece of furniture that has the rare quality of being as chic as it is functional. This gorgeous buffet catches the eye with its black finish and perfectly polished stainless steel trim. There has never been a more elegant place to store your accoutrements!

This piece works equally well in the home and the office. Some decorators even like to split this collection between the clients home and office so they can enjoy a degree of continuity between these two aspects of their daily lives. Many people find that this brings some of the comfort of home to their place of work.

Illusion mirrored buffet cabinet

Round Dining Table

No collection would be complete without an appropriate round-top dining table! This is a striking example of Deco meets modern aesthetics. The mirrored stainless steel columns present elements of symmetry and discord simultaneously. This embodiment of balanced contrast is nothing short of impressive. This piece isn’t just a round dining table, it’s a point of conversation!

Illusion mirrored round dining table


What better place to display your treasures than a gorgeous Curio? This beautiful piece from the Illusion Set perfectly embodies the overall theme of the set, whilst still maintaining an identity of its own. Staggered stainless steel columns and eye-catching black glass make this a Curio that is unlike any other.

Illusion mirrored curio

End Table

No collection would be complete without the perfect end table. You can use this piece alongside the rest of this lovely companion set, or isolate it as a standalone piece. Either way you’re going to love the Illusion End Table! Like the rest of the Illusion set, this piece utilizes staggered stainless steel columns and black finish to capture intrigue.

Illusion mirrored end table

Whether you choose a single piece from this set, or can’t live without the complete list of gorgeous companion pieces, the Illusion Set will bring your space to a whole new level of chic!

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