Refund and Return Policy

General Policy:
Sale items and special orders cannot be combined with coupon codes. Financing is available in store only, and cannot be combined with special coupon codes or additional discounts.

You could cancel 72 hours after placing your order, or before transit. The customer can cancel during the transit if the customer pays for the round-trip transit fee and related costs. Customer has to call or email before 5:00 pm Pacific Standard time to cancel; otherwise no cancelation will be processed.

Picture v. Reality:
Finishes, colors, texture, gaining variations in leather, wood, and stone are NOT imperfections. Color representations on computers differ based on the settings of your screen or the display. It’s the customers responsibility to request higher quality pictures, or come in to see the item if it is carried in the store. Customer may not dispute color, finish, texture, or any other physical attributes after the delivery of the product.

Where our furniture comes from:
Allamoda Furniture carries furniture from the finest manufacturers all over the world. Whether you prefer products from Europe, Asia, or America, Allamoda has the resources and connections to provide you with what you need, from where you want. Before partnering with our vendors, we first make sure that their products are high-quality, yet affordable pieces designed for our taste. We visit trade shows throughout the year to select any upcoming or classic pieces that we don’t already carry. We are always on the look for new designers, artists and manufacturers that can offer us unique, beautiful pieces that help us stand out. Allamoda also produces their own furniture; made by a team of designers we have specifically hand-picked to accommodate our style and taste.

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Saturday – Sunday: 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Return & Exchange Policy:
All sales are final. Allamoda Furniture reserves the right not to issue refunds or exchanges on any of the sold items.

Shipping time:
In stock items take 3-5 business days to ship, unless indicated otherwise on the product page. Delivery can take 1-3 weeks after the shipping day, depending on the destination. These are only estimates; we do not guarantee the dates. Customer service will contact you ahead of time to set up a delivery appointment corresponding with your availability.

Allamoda Furniture is not responsible to resolve a claim. Customer will have no recourse if the customer signs the delivery receipt without indicating on the delivery receipt any damages or missing parts, if any, or if the customer has not followed our terms and conditions. All claims must be filed within 72 hours of the delivery, at A confirmation email will be sent to the customer notifying that we have received the claim within 2- 3 business days. If the customer does not receive a confirmation email, it is their responsibility to make sure that the email was properly delivered by calling Allamoda Furniture and speaking to the Claims Department Manager. All claims will be resolved and authorized by the Claims Department Manager of Allamoda Furniture store. All properly submitted claims will be resolved within 5-7 business days after the confirmation email is sent.
Damaged or missing items must be documented where the customer signs for the items. The delivery driver must wait while you inspect the delivery, and if the driver cannot wait for any reason, that must be stated as well. Without detailed notes on suspected damaged or missing items, a signature indicates acceptance of these items delivered all on the terms and conditions enumerated herein and Allamoda furniture will not be responsible for any costs.


  • Small Parcel- We use UPS, FEDEX, DHL, USPS, or a third party shipping company for smaller/lighter orders. Depending on the destination after shipment, your item will arrive between 1 and 10 business days. The delivery company personnel will choose to leave the package at the door in case of an absence, unless otherwise directed by a note on the door. If you do wish the package to be left at the door, provide directions & tracking number.
  • Curb Side- Trucking service will park in front of your delivery address and you will need to receive the product outside. Allamoda Furniture assumes no responsibility or liability to damage of the product, personal injury, or any other issues that may arise during the movement of the product from curbside location to inside. Curb side delivery arrangements made cannot be modified to white glove delivery at the time of the delivery.
  • Threshold- There must be someone at least 18 years of age available to sign and stay for the entire delivery process. Your purchase will be brought inside your home and placed right inside the door. The driver is not required to unpack or remove any debris. Please note that the bottom of the box may be dirty. Let us know if there are any stairs we should know about prior to arriving on site. Be sure to remove the packing list- a small pouch on the outside of the box- as it contains important information. Inspect your shipment carefully before signing the delivery receipt. If the outside packaging looks rough, do not refuse the package; notate the condition of the packaging on the receipt. Refusal is only accepted if the product is physically damaged, not the packaging.
  • Premium White Glove- There must be someone at least 18 years of age available to sign and stay for the entire delivery process. A 2-person delivery team will be entering your home with your shipment, unless you’d prefer otherwise. Be prepared to indicate where you would like them to place your shipment prior to their arrival. Please keep in mind the delivery team is not contracted to do any installations or move furniture, however they will remove the packaging unless otherwise directed. Let us know prior to us arriving on site if there are any stairs or (anything else we should know) any other conditions at your property may hinder property delivery of the items. Be sure to remove the packaging list- a small pouch on the outside of the
  • Box- as it contains important information. Inspect your shipment carefully before signing the delivery receipt. If the outside packaging looks rough, do not refuse the package; notate the condition of the packaging on the receipt. Refusal is only accepted if the product is physically damaged, not the packaging.
    Delivery Bundles

1 Utilizing two trained providers is solely at Manna’s discretion for Threshold Plus Bundles. Utilizing a second person is dependent on Product size, weight and lifting equipment availability.

2 In the event the doorway isn’t of sufficient width to accept the boxed product on a Threshold Plus Delivery, an alternate location, such as a garage, will be acceptable. LDC is not required to remove hinges in a Threshold Plus delivery.

Delivery Acceptance Instructions:
All of our items are thoroughly inspected prior to being shipped. All deliveries are insured by Allamoda Furniture, therefore all claims noted during delivery should be filed with the shipper. Items that are received in anything other than good condition happened during transit. If the delivery receipt is signed without any details of damaged or missing items, Allamoda Furniture is not responsible. If the customer is absent during the delivery to inspect and note in writing on the receipt any and all damages or missing items, the product is assumed to be delivered in good condition and customer agrees and accepts the delivery, and voids all rights to claims or insurance.

If you agree to receive a discount for a slightly damaged item, you must note the details on the receipt and file a claim to the claims department within 72 hours, along with images of the damage in order for Allamoda Furniture store to estimate the cost of repair. If the damage is severe, the customer can only refuse the item that is damaged. All details MUST be noted on the receipt, and photos must be provided to Allamoda Furniture. The same applies for any missing items.

All items refused due to damage, and properly filed will be replaced upon the nearest availability. If the driver refuses to wait, in cases of curb side or any other reasons, a notation must be made. If you refuse to accept the delivery in such cases, we will rearrange and reschedule the delivery upon contact. If the customer refuses to accept the delivery of a product for any reason other than damage, the customer is liable for all charges and related fees and costs including but not limited to freight. Any unpaid freight charges will be deducted from accepted refunds. If an item does not fit through any doors or stairways, Allamoda Furniture is not responsible, unless dimensions provided were incorrect and customer files a proper claim.

Our manufacturers are chosen based on good reputation and quality assurance. All of our products come with warranty, differing based on the manufacturer. Warranty details can be retrieved by contacting Allamoda Furniture with a sku number. Some items, depending on the manufacturer, will have warranty details included in the delivery.

We accept Pay Pal, and all major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Allamoda requires authorization from the credit card company for 100% of the purchased order amount.

Order Confirmation:
Once an order is complete, the customer will receive a confirmation email with the address they provide during checkout within 24 hours. This email will serve as the customers’ receipt, and the customer has full responsibility of the receipt. Examine and notify of any mistakes as soon as possible for the necessary corrections to be made.

Delays may occur for the following reasons: busy seasons, holiday seasons, product delays, customs delay and other factors beyond our control. Customers will be notified when a delay occurs, and all efforts will be directed in order to get the product to the customer. Allamoda Furniture is not responsible for product delays from the manufacturer.